About Us

Option plus Affiliate Marketing LLP is a company that offers a helping hand to manufacturers, retailers, small entrepreneurs, service providers and our real king “consumer”. These days consumers are naturally inclined towards buying products online. This has an adverse impact on offline and traditional businessmen. Option Plus Affiliate Marketing LLP has come up with a unique solution. Our “customer retention loyalty management program” offers a membership card that directly benefits the shopkeeper associated with us.

To keep the consumer happy, we take the whole responsibility as a mediator. Once the shopkeeper is associated with us; we advertise, offer discounts and create attractive packages with our thorough study of the market that too without any additional charges for the same. Once the shopkeeper is registered, we offer him/her the unique ID and password along with our mobile app.


We are here to provide support for offline and traditional shopkeepers, manufacturers, retailers, small entrepreneurs, service providers who are competing against the online market trend.


We offer affiliated services to them that eases the basic problem of price war and aggravated competition. With our “customer retention loyalty management program”, consumers, offline sellers, manufacturers, etc. enjoy all the benefits they deserve.

Core Values:

Honesty, Transparency, Commitment, Integrity, Trust, Loyalty